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Telephone Contact: 01727572580



  • ICO Registered Data Controller: Mr Marc Asante

  • Organization: UPL Confidential & Risk Management

  • ICO Reference No: ZA559758


  • I am Marc Asante, I'm the Managing Proprietor of UPL Confidential & Risk Management.

  • We investigate exaggerated, misleading, and fraudulent investment schemes.

  • These are commonly referred to as 'Boiler Room Scams' 

  • We also investigate serious breaches of money laundering and financial crime regulations by a number of UK banks.


  • These serious breaches by UK banks may have contributed to many people losing money at the hands of investment fraudsters.     

  • You may have clicked on this link via a search engine. 

  • You may have searched this telephone number after recently receiving a call from me.  

  • It is important that you know who is calling you, and the person and organization are legitimate.

  • I am the only person in my organization that will ever make an initial call to anyone who is not an existing client. 


  • Over the last 12 years we have developed a database of over 200,000, UK based, potential investors. 


  • It is likely many of those potential investors have been contacted by culprit firms and individuals promoting exaggerated, misleading, and  fraudulent investment schemes.

  • Due to the scope and potential for financial loss, it is necessary for us to contact potential investors to establish if they have suffered a financial loss as described.


  • In the public interest we have a 'legitimate interest'  to contact and identify those investors who have lost money as described, for the purposes of financial crime detection and prevention, banking regulation compliance, and potential recovery remedy.   

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