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Service provision through UPL Protection options

The pursuit & recovery of monies taken as a result of misleading or fraudulent investment offerings is a particularly difficult sector to operate within, whereby favourable outcomes depend on a range of factors coming together at a precise moment in time.


It is often the case that false names and identities were used, and the culprit firms that were set up to perpetrate the swindle may have been dissolved with the people behind them retreating into the shadows with their ill-gotten gains.


If the culprit firm or individual was not regulated by the FCA then there is no mechanism for an investor to claim compensation through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, (FSCS).


By asking all potential, new, and existing clients to complete one of our unique client services application or assessment questionnaires we are able to filter relevant information and material facts relating to the investments or pending investments of all clients.


The submission of each completed application or assessment questionnaire automatically triggers an initial investigation based upon the information provided.


Within a relatively short period of time we are able to use our experience and expertise to ascertain the authenticity of any past or pending investment offering.


We are then in a position to inform potential clients or update new and existing clients of how best we may be able to assist them in relation to the pursuit and recovery of funds already taken, and/or how to prevent them falling foul of culprit firms and individuals now and in the future.  


Our risk assessment and preliminary investigation are with no charge to the applicant.


Subject to approval the applicant will be offered the appropriate representation and service provision. If potential clients choose to expand the conversation regarding their UPL Protection options we will happily provide best advice based on our expertise.
If you would like to view the relevant questionnaire that best applies to your current client status please complete all fields in the grey boxes and click on send, whereby we will provide you with an access password.  
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