During August 2015 MS.RPR, (our pursuit & recovery division), hired additional marketing agents based from our offices in St Albans City, Hertfordshire. An allegation was made that during an initial call with a prospective client called Mr Jeremy Lane, one of these recently hired agents incorrectly informed Mr Lane that MS.RPR required an initial fee of £10,000 initial fee so as to pursue a primary loss of £30,000 from being sold carbon credits!

The information regarding the MS.RPR fee structure was entirely incorrect, the Agency has never and would never attempt to charge such disproportionately high initial fees as was alleged the agent in question stated, (whose employment was terminated days after the incident came to light).


Mr Jeremy Lane decided to relay the content of that call via a troll site called "Redd-monitor". We were made aware within 48 hours of this negative posting which suggested that MS.RPR was a scam company to be compared with the very 'boiler room' culprit firms that we are dedicated to pursuing. The Managing Proprietor was duly notified and he contacted the administrator of Redd-monitor to suggest that the negative claims made against MS.RPR were indeed false ones and should be withdrawn. 


The administrator subsequently published The Managing Proprietor's response and explanation of what MS.RPR does; this led to a number of additional subscribers posting completely unfounded, negative comments as to the credibility of MS.RPR. It should be noted that none of those additional subscribers that had posted negative comments about MS.RPR had previously had any contact or dealings with MS.RPR, and had no knowledge of how we as an organization operated.


A short time after the negative posts emerged, a small number of our clients who also subscribed to the site contacted us to inform us of the posts and at least one client took it upon himself to submit his own post describing his experience as an 'actual client' of MS.RPR. The client that posted told of the fact that he had received 100% of his money back as a result of our pursuit & recovery efforts, after the post from our client all negative posts ceased.


It should be noted that the particular culprit individual in question whom our client referred to in his positing, ran a number of misleading and fraudulent wine brokerages. We tracked down the culprit individual to Spain, although he had more than one 'virtual office' in London; we also dealt with a west end law firm the culprit had hired in an attempt to 'persuade' us to cease our robust pursuit & recovery action against him.


In 2015 the same culprit individual was convicted of fraud at the Old Bailey in central London, and was sentenced to eight years in prison.


The police subsequently wrote to all the victims informing them of the guilty verdict but were unable to say if any of the victims would be receiving any of their money back. Fortunately for our client, MS.RPR had already recovered his money in full, 2 years before the culprit individual was convicted at the Old Bailey.


We understand that many who have lost money through misleading or fraudulent investment offerings are going to be highly sceptical, frustrated, as well as angry. The culprits that took your money do not care what you think, how you feel or how you've been affected.    


If you've been directed toward our web information we strongly urge you to read all of our information and then have a further conversation with The Managing Proprietor, with a view to going through our application process, as this will trigger an automatic risk assessment and preliminary investigation.


Keep in mind that the application process carries no charge to you or obligation for either party regardless of the outcome. Where a crime has been committed the police may or may not be focused on gathering evidence that could lead to a criminal conviction. Where we can verify that you suffered a financial loss as a result of being mislead we may be in a position to offer you comprehensive pursuit & recovery representation, if you qualify to become a client we will remain focused on recovering your money and nothing else. 



The same Mr Jeremy Lane who initially posted to Redd-monitor, contacted The Managing Proprietor directly a few weeks later, and requested that MS.RPR represent him in the pursuit & recovery of his funds. Neither the administrator of Redd-monitor nor Mr Lane made any reference to this fact in any further postings to the site and Mr Lane did not become a client of MS.RPR at that time. Since this event during August 2015 we have taken steps to ensure that no misinformation can ever again be relayed to potential clients. The Managing Proprietor has taken full control of all aspects of business development. This means that he will personally speak with each potential client to discuss if, when, and how any fees may be applied.

December 2017 Update:

After extensive research of the sector and exploring all other avenues, followed by many lengthy discussions with The Managing Proprietor and his team, Mr Jeremy Lane decided to become a client of MS.RPR during December 2017. Mr Lane has entrusted the Agency to represent his financial interests in the pursuit and recovery of his funds after all others have done nothing in this regard. We were delighted to welcome Mr Lane to the 'client family' of MS.RPR and UPL Confidential as a whole.       



We have supplied a link, shown below, which provides insight as to some opinions and information that may assist people to draw their own conclusions in relation to the credibility of the administrator of Redd-monitor.