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The Facts...



Mr Asante is the Founder and The Managing Proprietor of MAGNE SANTE UPL, which currently has two operational divisions; MS.RPR and Msbc. Mr Cavendish-Blake is the Chief Compliance and Legal Services Agent.

We have a limited company that was incorporated in July 2009, (Magne Sante Limited); however we do not trade our limited company at this time and have never done so. Due to the difficult circumstances all our clients have experienced we are seen by most as the 'last resort' in terms of recovering their money. With that in mind The Managing Proprietor has elected not to operate behind the shield of limited liability afforded through the limited company.

It is important for our clients to know that Mr Asante as The Managing Proprietor remains willing to bear the financial, commercial, and moral responsibility in relation to all promises made regarding all service provision from MAGNE SANTE UPL.


In the UK it remains all too easy for directors and CEO's of limited companies to run their companies into the ground after they have stripped them of all cash and assets and then hide behind the shield of limited liability, whereby they are able to walk away unscathed regardless of the damage or loss caused to their customers, suppliers or employees. This is even more pointed in the area of misleading investments, as oftentimes these firms are not regulated by the FCA; therefore investors are unable to claim any compensation through the FSCS, (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).  








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